Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Post Christian Traumatic Stress I: The Evil Flesh

Wow, still that knee-jerk-to-the-gut!

A facebook friend is recuperating from surgery and posted that she is feeling human again.  I responded "human is good".

Before I even finished typing, I got that cramp in my belly and that old voice in my head telling me to take it back, that human isn't good, that only the heathens glorify humanity and this is not the way of god.

Sigh. Someday that demonic Christian voice will be gone and I can live freely in the divine love for all.  Why can't that be today?


  1. Aww. Hugs to you this morning, Sandra!

    I don't know how to take out those emotional land-mines of fear from the field of your heart, but recognizing them has got to be the first step.

    I do not understand the demonization of being human in which so many fundamentalist churches engage. According to the Bible, God saw what he created and said it was good! Also, Jesus seemed to really like people. And the apostle John wrote that love for fellow humans "made in the image of God" was the measuring stick of our love for God.

    You are loved. You carry the imprint of Divinity in your soul. Authentic Christianity acknowledges that Jesus was fully human, embracing humanity in the act of being born.

    Being human is a very good thing.

  2. Thanks, Shadowspring, for the support. Owning your demons is always a good place to start transforming them, I think.

    I've been reading Little M's blog on addiction recovery and this summer she has been working on Steps 6 and 7: identifying and releasing "character defects" (a truly horrible phrase that I have translated for myself to say "Lies I Tell Myself"). I found that that it is these Lies, or foundational myths that perhaps served some survival purpose but which have outlived their usefulness, that are stymying my recovery (physically and psychospiritually). I have to let them go. In AA jargon, I have to "drop the rock". I love that phrase.

    I've been trying to write a post on my working through these Steps myself but the writing isn't going very well. I have spent a lot of time in meditation about it all and I think ... (crossing fingers)... I might have made some significant healing progress this week.