Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Wisdom


  1. I find the labels very telling. I'm praying that you'll receive some peace and quiet in your soul Sandra!

  2. Yikes, I totally missed the labels. So let me 'splain.

    I love the humor of the witty Halloween decoration and the concept of just taking all the things about yourself/your past that you want to hide and just dancing with them out in the open. Hopefully to some loud, happy music and without spilling your drink too bad while you cut the rug. =)

    I hate that you, and so many other of our age peers and younger, had to sit out Halloween in the dark and miss out on all the fun. That sucks.

  3. For the record, we got to trick-or-treat. We were pretty conservative fundy for our day but not so extreme as fundamentalism got post-circa 1980. There was a Seventh Day Adventist family in the neighborhood (who, of course, we considered Not Real Christians) who wouldn't participate in Halloween if it fell on Friday or Saturday night and we laughed our heads off at the absurdity of that stance.

    It was Christmas, as culturally celebrated in America, that got my parents wound up. We had a tree and an abundance of presents but absolutely no belief in Santa Claus. One year my brother and I decided to pretend that we believed in Santa simply because we wanted to participate in the cultural excitement that surrounds the Santa narrative. We were maybe 10 and 13? My little sister was a toddler/preschooler and prime age for believing in Santa so my mother was totally freaking out over our activities (like making a big fake fireplace and talking animatedly about how we looked forward to Santa coming down the fake chimney with our presents and stockings while we made it).

    To their credit, though, my parents didn't completely shut us down even then. We were lectured about setting a "good example of Christian belief" for my sister and told to tone down the stories and add disclaimers to everything... which, come to think of it, might have been worse than shutting us down because it took all the fun out of the pretending so we quit on our own accord and felt guilty about it.

  4. Yeah, the tags say more than the picture, in this case. :(

    But I'm back on my "meds" (my supplement protocol) and slowly climbing back out of the black ooze. Sigh. I've been trying to write a post about that all month long but it just isn't coming.

  5. ((((sandra))))) Just knowing you exist me. =)

  6. Oops lost some words in the edit: insert MAKES between"exist" and "me" and then move period to the right of the smiley face, as in:

    Just knowing you exist makes me =).