Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Things on Thursday

I am planning a solitary DIY retreat for the last week in April.  Here are ten things for my portable altar:

1.  An alter cloth (that will double as a head scarf when I am out in the sun)

2.  A few tea light candles

3.  A lighter

4.  A small abalone shell to hold the candle

5.  A found shell that reminds me of half a wing as a meditative focus

6.  A bag of Dead Sea salts

7.  A flask of whiskey (yeah, not really this one)

8.  Heretic Anointing Oil (my own blend that a local store makes up for me)

9.  A collection of prayers

10. A rose petal/white sage smudge bundle


  1. Wow! At least one of the Thursday Things for your retreat is comical (the whiskey, although you could bring some communion wine); I wonder how others fit; but most of them seem quite appropriate to your retreat. I’ve known other people who have done this, sometimes going up into the mountain or to a solitary retreat center. I’ve never done so, but I’ve thought of it. Maybe I should think about it seriously.

    Terry Gray

  2. how lovely and sacred. sounds like something i need.