Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Silent Too Long

A poem by Penny Smith:

I speak for those who cannot speak
For those whose secrets are locked too deep

I speak for those who are still in pain
For those who are suffocating in shame

I speak for the little girl with hurting eyes
For the little boy who never, ever cries

I speak for those whose smiles are hiding
The hurt that is beyond confiding

I speak for the wife--the girlfriend
Bearing bruises from the men they defend

I speak for the confused, adolescent boy
Who has somehow become the coach's toy

I speak for those whom no one sees 
For those who feel they are diseased

I speak for those whose tongues are stilled
For those with no hope of ever being healed

I speak for those who have endured unspeakable things
For those who never see the hope that dawn brings

I speak for those who have no voice
For tiny babies never given a choice

I speak for those whose lives are living hell
For those wishing they had someone to tell

I speak for those with innocence taken
Who pray for the day they never awaken

I speak for you whose spirits have flown
To let you know--you are not alone

I speak for you, I feel your pain
I will not be silent while evils remain

I speak for you and-- I speak for me
I speak for the world to hear and see

I speak for those with no will to fight
To bring the secrets and darkness to light

I speak because I was silent too long
I speak because I did no wrong

I speak though there are those who would silence me
I speak because abuse should never be allowed to 'be'

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