Thursday, May 12, 2011

The End of the World Is at Hand

My very secular almost-13 and 14 year-old daughters were talking about why we said "two thousand-and-two" for 2002 but "twenty-ten" for 2010.

The 13yo: "saying the thousand makes it more duh-duh-duh…you know creepy-like…which sounds more dramatic: 'the world will end in twenty-twelve' or 'the world will end in the year two-thousand-and-twelve?'" (all the while speaking with the creepy voice).

I interrupted to remind them "2012? Nah, next weekend! May 21st" and the 14yo got a little freaked: "I don't like it when people start to talk about the End of the World."

The 13yo reassured her: "It's all right. The giant Jesus statue in Brazil will come to life and collect up all the good people and take them away somewhere cold so they'll be safe."

(for more info on this upcoming Rapture date:  an overview, and right from the horse's mouth... er... horse's something)


  1. LOL ... Good one. :-) It is interesting that these are exactly the same people who say: "you should believe in the Bible verbatim, literally". Yet, they absolutely and completely ignore Christ's statement that NO ONE knows when the end will occur. I don't get it!

  2. My favorite commentary on apocalypticism is Billy Collins' poem "The End of the World."