Monday, October 1, 2012

NaBloWriMo 2012

 In a shameless riff on National Novel Writing Month, October is now National Blog Writing Month.  Since I've been so derelict in my blogging, when I saw this blog-fest, I just knew it was time to start writing again.  And with the daily prompts, I don't even have to dig too deep into my tortured psyche for profound and relevant topics.  

Today, the first day of the month, is getting-to-know-you day. Therefore, here are 

10 Things I Never Told You

1.              I bought a Hermes handbag at Goodwill for $12.  It might be real but even the knockoffs go for $500.  I liked it because it’s purple but it has ruined me now for cheap bags.
2.              I was asked to leave a McDonald’s in Budapest for taking photographs of the Cyrillic menu board.
3.              I have lived less than an afternoon’s drive from the Mexican border for seventeen years in four different states but I’ve never been to Mexico.
4.              I have brown eyes; my husband has grey/hazel eyes.  One daughter is green-eyed and the other is blue-eyed.  Go figure the Punnett Square for those genetics!
5.              I wanted to grow up to be a preacher, a doctor, a writer, or an opera singer.
6.              I read over 100,000 pages in real books, plus countless websites and e-documents, between summer 2009 and summer 2010 when my hysterical illness was in remission.
7.              I once dieted and exercised my way down to 19% percent body fat.  Men followed me down the street. I used to almost pass out on the commuter train on a near daily basis.
8.              I lied on my statement of faith so I could go on a mission trip. Even then, I almost didn’t get accepted because my supervisor on the previous trip wrote me such a bad recommendation because I had a “bad attitude”.
9.              I have curly toenails that frustrate my nail techs no end.  They grow every which way but straight.
10.           I was raped but repressed the memories for decades.


  1. I took a picture of the drive-thru sign at a McDonald's in Hawaii because it said "mahalo" instead of "thank you." No one objected except my husband, who was mortified by my blatantly tourist behaviour. Then again, Hawaii is probably more relaxed than Budapest in many areas.

  2. Azara, Hawaii is undoubtedly more relaxed that Budapest was in 1989! The border had only recently--like weeks before my trip--been opened to free travel between Hungary and Austria. The Communists were in retreat but still deeply entrenched in cultural fears and habits.